Goalkeeper is designed for project management and team collaboration in

Web Companies

Manage multiple web site projects, schedule and keep track of tasks and monitor your teams. Post and discuss copywriting, designs, web pages, feature requests, bugs and concept updates. Monitor your expenses and work hours per project, task and user.

Web developers

Communicate with your team members, keep track of all conversations, who you talk to and what was said and what you need to do next. Watch for internal deadlines and important dates, write status reports and request additional info or resources. Have all requirements ready at any time.

Project managers

Ask your employees for regular status reports, watch for red, yellow and green flags and spot weak links, get their requirements and organize your teams workflow. Coordinate multiple teams on a team or user level.

Event planners

Create a project for every event, get client feedback, let them express their wishes and act accordingly. Create templates for regular events and create projects from these templates with a single click.


Organize your work for multiple clients and projects. Upload files, keep track of file versions, and share them with your clients, get instant feedback and approval. Detail client requirements, plan your time and budget more efficiently.

Advertizing agencies

Manage advertizers and publishers, post tasks and reminders, organize your work. Plan and manage expenses and work hours. Post and discuss ads and keep track of approval history. Collect clippings and reviews and present them to your clients.


Upload your designs for approval and keep track of all revisions, ask your clients to login and comment, have all versions and requests at hand for easy access and documented progress.


Coordinate your suppliers and contractors, track requirements and create regular status reports.

Real Estate Agencies

Document real estate listings with property details and images. Keep track of potential buyers and conversations. Organize your expenses and manage your agents in the field.


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